The White Man’s Shame: We don’t need more sexual harassing assholes in Japan. Go home.

“When you go to Tokyo….if you’re a white male, you can do what you want. Just grab her, pull her in. She’ll giggle. Just say PIKACHU or POKEMON or something to take the pressure off. I’m romping through the streets (of Tokyo) just grabbing girls and it’s like (motions) head on dick (pfft) head on dick, yelling ‘PIKACHU’ with a Pikachu shirt on….Every foreigner who is white does this. When you see that one foreigner in the crowd in Tokyo and your eyes will lock and you know that he knows and he knows that and it’s this guilty look like you both fucked a hooker or something.”

Julien Blanc, “Dating expert” , pick-up artist, lecturing on picking up women in Japan
Transcribed from his video ▶ White Male Fucks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It) – YouTube
Who is Julien Blanc? He is according to his Facebook page “an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the international leader in dating advice. You can find his amazingly misogynist and offensive lectures on how to convince women to have sex with you (if you’re a white male with sociopathic tendencies) at two web sites:: &

He is coming to Japan sometime this month. He is not going to be very welcome. In September, a Youtube blogger named msdoom99, posted a Japanese subtitled video of his instructional film White Male Fucks Asian Women In Tokyo (And The Beautiful Methods To It) with some caustic comments.

Julien Blanc, "dating expert", bragging how easy it is to force Japanese women to put their mouths on your dick.  街で女の頭つかんで顔にチンコを当てまくった。
Julien Blanc, “dating expert”, bragging  how easy it is to force Japanese women to put their mouths ‘on your dick‘.  街で女の頭つかんで顔にチンコを当てまくった。

The title of her video editorial is 白人が日本で大暴れ「日本ではHしほうだい」(字幕). Translated: White man on rampage in Japan “You can have all the sex you want” 
Msdoom99 is studying shared culture in Asia and also studies comparative culture. For example, Her video essay on Japanese rip-offs of American films & television is hilarious. If you saw TOP GUN and the Japanese rip-off of it, Best Guy (ベストガイ), you’d appreciate her quirky talents and sense of humor. However, she doesn’t find much funny about Julien Blanc’s instructional lecture.
She writes, “It makes me sad. This white guy overflowing with confidence. It makes feel icky. Somehow it depresses me.”
The video ends with footage taken in Japan of “our hero” grabbing Japanese women at clubs, trying to be cute, and literally forcing their heads into his crotch.

Msdoom99’s video has gotten over a 1000 comments most of them extremely negative. Julien, in his overconfident idiocy, seems to believe that because Japanese women nervously giggle and don’t say “No!” or punch him, that they’re okay with his manhandling of them.
The man is so revolting that he as entire twitter feed dedicated to stopping him @jennli123 and a hashtag as well. #takedownjulienblanc

@Jennli123 has launched a campaign to track down and stop Julien Blanc (@RSDJulien) from spreading his toxic message and sexually harassing women.
@Jennli123 has launched a campaign to track down and stop Julien Blanc (@RSDJulien) from spreading his toxic message and sexually harassing women.

There is no end to what I could write about his loathsome behavior but watch the video a few times and I’m sure you can decide for yourself, gentle reader.

I will say that what he does in the video would most likely be considered a crime in Japan, most likely 強制わいせつ (kyoseiwaisetsu/sexual assault) or 準強制わいせつ (Forcible Indecency,  Quasi Forcible Indecency). For his edification and that of anyone else who might want to emulate him, this is what the law says:  A person who through assault or intimidation forcibly commits an indecent act upon male or female shall be sentenced to hard labor for not less than six months but not more than ten years.

Unfortunately, “forcible indecency” (強制わいせつ罪)requires the victim to file a criminal complaint. No complaint, no crime. Hopefully, on this trip to Japan, which he announced by posting the video that shows him committing crimes, will get him placed in a very special love hotel–one with armed guards and no women.

I kind of hope he looks me up. I know the perfect Japanese woman for him—she’s a dominatrix with a great roundhouse kick. She would love to “play” with him. And he’d learn that being a player can earn you a special reward. He might even apologize for his past actions, if his jaw is still intact. At the very least, he might learn to be a little more polite to Japanese women—or any woman for that matter. One can hope.

Julien is coming to town. Ladies of Japan beware.
Julien is coming to town. Ladies of Japan beware.

23 thoughts on “The White Man’s Shame: We don’t need more sexual harassing assholes in Japan. Go home.

  1. Disgusting. I bet that his assault has crossed the line and he has violated a girl at least, if he take womans like things and don’t understand disgust this guy could be easily a psychopath.

  2. He and others only get away with it because women have been “trained” from childhood by Japanese (mostly older) men that they have to take this kind of behavior. Plenty of local dudes doing the same thing or worse with impunity. Spread the love around a bit eh.

    1. Just because the local people do it, doesn’t mean that its ok for others to join in too. I’m not saying that the local people should be allowed to do it either. It’s equally wrong.
      But this guy goes to different countries, not only Japan, and has “classes” on “how to get some” – in a very discriminating way towards women. The reason why what he’s doing is so disturbing is because of how he views women and how he treats them.

  3. Good work. Hopefully he’ll get a warm welcome on arrival. Interesting to see he’s removed his picture from his Facebook account., and made it private recently…

  4. What a grotesque jackass. Sadly this isn’t anything new. I knew an Australian guy who basically did the same thing. He owns an Eikaiwa now. Maybe they can both work in the Abe cabinet, or chill with Hashimoto.

  5. After several decades of countless gaijin male rampages in Japan, mass opinion finally (yes FINALLY) catches up… IMHO however Japan needs a bit more self-degradation of this sort as folks here aren’t yet ready for massive explosion of anger, violences, and destruction… I shouldn’t say they don’t got “balls”, but people here are just too mellow. So there, you have a couple more years of leeways if you wish to follow the footsteps of Mr. Blanc. Ha ha….

  6. I want to keep it fair here… I know Japanese guys and some Filipinos that are worse than this guy. Guam, Saipan, Pulau, Hawaii are filled with them. Also, Tokyo is filled with Japanese guys who play this hook up game better than anyone can imagine. So for anyone to get mad at this guy cause he’s “white,” should look in the mirror and ask yourself why you’re such a racist.

    1. But none of those guys are having lectures about how to be an ass to other guys and posting them on the internet afterwards, right? I think that it’s less about how he’s white, and more about how more people can see what just he has done, since he filmed it and posted it online. I bet that if he happened to be Japanese or whatever, really, people would still call him out on it.

    2. Race isn’t an issue here. I would call anyone who does this a grotesque ass. I do agree with seeing Japanese guys play this game too… So they would be Japanese assholes. Asshole-ism knows no color…

    3. this isnt a fucking competition asshole, people are annoyed because of what he is doing not because he is whiite sheesh. if you see women being harassed by a guy and your problem is that “oh people hate him more because he is white” YOU are part of the fucking problem

  7. A petition and an email campaign succeeded in getting his bookings in two cities in Australia cancelled. If he does come to Tokyo, I personally plan to find out where and when, and start my own campaign. Surely when the Japanese people see his racist attitude towards Japan and his despicable behavior towards all women, they won’t want him spewing his poison here anymore than Australia did. Keep watching social media for news.

    1. Heidi-san
      Thank you for writing in. I hope to find out where he will be speaking in Tokyo and shut it down. It’s not just his vile speech I detest—it’s his criminal behavior and disregard for women.

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